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Swedish Relaxation Massage
This European classic combines long, firm strokes and gentle kneading to improve
circulation, relieve muscle tension, and eliminate stress.  Excellent for quieting the
mind and body.

30 minutes - $40     60 minutes - $70    90 minutes - $95

Deep Tissue Massage
A specifically designed massage applies deeper/more intense pressure than a
Swedish massage.  It is perfect relief for chronic muscle tension and the release of
adhesions due to stress, and recommended for athletes or those suffering from
repetitive motion injuries.

30 minutes - $45   60 minutes - $70   90 minutes - $105 & up

Pregnancy Massage
For those soon-to-be moms, relax with this side-lying massage. To ensure complete
relaxation, you are surrounded and supported by pillows perfectly positioned to
provide complete comfort and relaxation.  The gentle rhythm of soothing strokes
alleviates muscle tension and helps to reduce swelling.

30 minutes - $45     60 minutes - $70

Massage Integrated with Hot Stones
Enjoy perfectly blended hands on massage accompanied with hot stones to the back
and spine. Allow the hot stones to release warmth within the belly of the muscle
tissue. A wonderful combination of massage and hot stones. An excellent way to melt
away tension.

65 minutes - $85

    Add to Any Treatment
    Aromatherapy/Essential Oil…………...$5
    Eucalyptus Paraffin with Tea Tree Oil
    Hands or Feet ….…….….……………..$5
    Both ………….…….…………..….……..$8


Scheduling/Cancellation Policy

To ensure you get the most of your massage therapy time, please arrive 5 minutes
earlier than your table time to allow yourself to unwind before your massage begins.
Note: table time is the time that your session is supposed to start. If you are late, the
time remaining is left to you. Please allow a 24 hour notice for all appointments and
cancellations. Coupons must be surrendered at the time of your appointment and
you may only use one coupon per transaction.
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Call Amy at  (315) 420-1267 to schedule an appointment
Call Amy at  (315) 420-1267 to schedule an appointment.