Why So Many People Trust Candie
Why Choose Clinical Laser Aesthetics
Because Candie is a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 30 years of clinical experience -
the past 14 years in laser aesthetics.

Because you will be told upfront what is required to improve your condition and how many
treatments you'll need to achieve that.

Because the goal is making sure you achieve what you want.  At Clinical Laser Aesthetics,
you don't pay for laser treatments, you pay for results.

Because there are NO CONTRACTS with Candie. You simply pay as you go.

Because at Clinical Laser Aesthetics, Laser Therapy is a worthwhile investment – not a
never-ending process. Laser Treatment plans have a start date and end date. It's not
about booking  'x-number' of treatments to collect 'x-number' of  fees. It's about solving
your problem as effectively and economically as possible.

Because of special discounts available to help you keep up your treatment program.
Consistency brings the best results with laser therapy.

Because Candie listens. She will talk with you and monitor your progress every step of the
way to make sure your treatments are working and that you are totally satisfied.
I enjoyed working with patients as a Licensed Practical Nurse. I loved helping them recover from surgical procedures that saved their
lives and improved their health. Hands-on care has always been my passion. Years later, I discovered Laser Therapy and its ability to
improve skin conditions without surgery.  I was thrilled at the prospect of continuing to provide hands-on care, using therapy that
improved lives without surgery.

Nothing quite compares to the joy of seeing someone’s skin become smoother and clearer during the course of treatments. To see
patients become confident in how they look because they’re no longer embarrassed by wrinkles, sagging skin, veins, acne, scars or

Lasers have come a long way since I started using them and there are new developments almost daily. The possibilities continue to
amaze me and expand the scope of what I’m able to do for patients.

I am honored to have the trust of so many people who are pleased with the results they have received from Clinical Laser Aesthetics.
Thank you for your confidence and your business.
Clinical Laser Aesthetics
Because there are different lasers for different skin problems. Knowing which laser to use and how to apply it, makes a critical difference
in the results you receive. It’s a difference that  gives you extraordinary advantages at Clinical Laser Aesthetics.

Because it's all about helping you look and feel your best!
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Candie Denmeade, LPN
Caring Hands,
Professional Skills
... A Difference
You Will Appreciate
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CLA Laser of Syracuse, NY -  Laser spa for laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, laser spider vein removal and now featuring nail fungus removal.
"I've been going to Clinical Laser Aesthetics for a while, and I am so pleased
with what I see when I look in the mirror. I love Candie because she doesn't
over promise and under deliver."