Pedicure Services
WELLNESS PEDICURE                 $40
Esthetic pedicure service includes:
  • Trim and shape nails
  • Clean under free edge and around cuticles
  • Massage feet
  • Polish nails if desired

MEDICAL PEDICURE                      $50
Advanced procedure that includes Wellness Pedicure plus:
  • Skin, foot, nail assessment
  • Callus and/or corn reduction
  • Care of fungae infections of the skin & nails
  • Home care recommendations for maintenance between services

  • Used to correct painful ingrown and involuted nails
  • Changes the shape of the abnormal curvature of the nail
  • Reduces excessive pressure of the nail on the nail groove
Lynda Denmeade - Certified Master Pedicurist
Certified Master Pedicurist
  • North American School of Podology
  • Internship under only Podologist in Syracuse, NY area
  • Trained in proper hygiene, disinfection and sterilization
  • In-depth understanding of skin and nail disorders, the diabetic and geriatric foot.

Licensed Nail Technician
  • JPX Institute

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • SUNY Bingahmton 1992
  • 22 years of surgical nursing experience
Call Lynda at (315) 744-4510 to schedule an appointment
Nail Bracing permanently treats & corrects ingrown nails
Nail bracing is a painless procedure that involves fitting the nail with a medical grade steel wire that gently lifts the
nail edges away from the skin. Over time, the nail braces will guide the nails to grow straight and flat, a bit like
orthodontic braces straighten out teeth.

Most people experience immediate relief once the brace is placed, and after treatment is finished, most will never
experience an ingrown nail again. The brace is small and discreet, and will not affect your footwear, activities or
lifestyle. You can even continue to paint your toenails.

Nail braces are a great option for children, diabetics, people who are nervous about needles or surgery or anyone
concerned about losing their nails to surgery.
Call Lynda at  (315) 744-4510 to schedule an appointment
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