NEW to Clinical Laser Aesthetics is a PAINLESS laser treatment for Nail Fungus. You will
receive a
medical pedicure by our licensed Pedologist, followed by four laser treatments
and a second medical pedicure.  Your nails will be FUNGUS-FREE in 6 months!
Each treatment session lasts less than ten minutes.
During your laser treatment, we apply a laser beam
on the nails that are infected. The laser targets the
fungal infection in the nail and the area below called
the nail matrix.  This painless laser treatment is done
weekly for 4 weeks. Within 6 months, your nails will
be finally fungus-free.
Nail Fungus Treatment
Your nails can be free
from fungus in 6 months
Caring Hands,
Professional Skills
... A Difference
You Will Appreciate
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