At Clinical Laser Aesthetics, the treatments are more than cosmetic - they are actually  therapeutic.
Every treatment is specifically designed to help solve your unique skin problem, using the safest, most
effective, most comfortable laser application available. You can trust Clinical Laser Aesthetics to help
you look and feel your BEST!  

What can laser therapy do for you?

  • Permanently remove unwanted hair
  • Eliminate broken capillaries and spider veins with laser treatments
  • Look younger without Botox or injectable fillers. Lasers can tighten, firm and rejuvenate your skin
  • Rid yourself of age spots and other skin spots
  • Get clearer, acne free skin
  • If you suffer from nail fungus, we have a new treatment that combines a medical pedicure with
    laser therapy - You can be fungus free in 6 months!

SAVE TIME and MONEY with painless laser treatments that achieve results with NO DOWNTIME - in the
time it takes for a one-hour lunch break. My mission is to help improve your appearance, skin condition
and your self-confidence by producing dramatic results without surgery.

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Services & Treatments
At Clinical Laser Aesthetics, the goal is to provide
patients with the most effective, highest-quality aesthetic
laser services in a safe, clean environment. Patient care
is the first priority with genuine respect and concern, by
putting your interests and well-being first and foremost.

If you want an honest assessment of the latest
procedures – both pros and cons – and help choosing
the right solution, Clinical Laser Aesthetics will help you
get the results you want - based on your individual
needs and goals.
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And remember, there are NO CONTRACTS at Clinical Laser Aesthetics. You simply pay as you go.